Wednesday, August 13, 2008

San Francisco Trip (part 1)

So I needed a little break from "stuff" today and thought I'd take a quick look at some of the pictures I took on our vacation to San Francisco back in June. They're kind of fun... and definitely different from what you usually see here! :)

1) Just a beautiful wall of flowers at Alcatraz. It's weird to see all the little patches of beauty in a place with such a violent history.

2) And the corridor in the actual prison at Alcatraz. Yes, I waited FOREVER to get this shot with NOBODY in it. I think about 30 seconds after I took it, the guard came from the far end to tell me they were closing. NO WAY am I going to be trapped there!! hehe
3) Love the textures, the colors, the history. And of course, a little fisheye action.
4) Moving to Chinatown now.... I don't know what half of the stuff in this picture is, but I do love the colors. Gosh, you can buy just about anything!
5) This scene made me homesick for a certain little 3 year old girl with an insane love of shoes. Can't you see why?
6) Yeah, I just like this mural on the wall outside the store. I went inside the store and didn't see anything spectacular though. oh well!7) Moving on to the Aquarium on the Bay (the official name escapes me at the moment). Loved the tunnel through the water and at that moment, was so grateful to actually know how to use my camera using only available light. Using a flash on a normal camera here would have totally ruined the mood.

8) And one more from the Aquarium. This was amazing to me. The tiny details, the fluidity of movement. Very inspiring. (ok, if I saw this in the ocean, "inspiring" is NOT the word I'd use, but whatever!)That's all for today. Just my little sanity break. I promise to post first day of school pictures soon!


Sweet Sue said...

I've been waiting so very patiently to see Back to School pictures of my two favorite kiddos!!! I miss them!

Monyeen said...

ooh fun SF Alcatraz shots

stacey woods said...

those are beautiful! and your fisheye take on alcatraz makes it seem even larger and more looming.

Jeannette said...

Someone had fun with a fisheye! LOL! Those shots are absolutely beautiful. LOVE the perspective with that lens.

Stueller said...

These are great... the composition and colors on some of these are great!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

We took the tour of Alcatraz a few years back and it was so interesting. Love the shot of the empty corridor.