Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More sneak peeks... |Indianapolis Children's Photographer

Okay, I realized tonight that when I say I'll post something 'tonight'... you probably are thinking after work, during normal human hours. To me, it means at 11:30 when the house is quiet! :) Sorry about that.

I have a couple things to tell you.
1) The galleries are posting to the website from your mini-sessions starting actually yesterday, in order in which you were scheduled.

2) All galleries will be up by the end of the day on Thursday.

3) I will be adding your holiday sample cards to your galleries by then as well.

4) This coming weekend, I will be shooting a wedding and then leaving for my birthday getaway. All questions about your ordering process will be answered on Monday when I return.

5) I've enabled a new shopping cart feature on my website. You will still view your gallery on online ordering (NOT proofing), but when prompted for a password, it is still as was listed on the information you received.

6) If there is a lot of confusion about the shopping cart, I will send out a mass email to you guys to help out, or as always, feel free to call/email me with your order. Please excuse the transition and the kinks that go with it sometimes.

NOW to the GOOD stuff! :)

1) You may recognize this sweet family from my website, AND my current business card. They are truly one of the most peaceful and loving family... it just feels good to be around them. Love how the little girl has her eyes closed while Daddy kisses her forehead.... and Mom's content expression.
2) I was so happy to get to work with one of my June brides again, along with her family. Aren't they so cute?? Guys, this is a 10x20 crop...unique, modern, but still easy to find framing for! :) And it helps with those wide shots where you don't want to cut someone out!!
3) This image totally wins for funniest image of the day. Sometimes it is tricky with older kids to get them to loosen up and be 'real'. So, going the silly route is my solution. I love each child's reaction... I would have this huge in my house!!

4) I love her hands in this picture.... so small, so protected, so loved.
5) AND just to show that we DID have fun in the middle of all the work.... check out this beautiful couple!! hehe :)


Jana Kunz said...

These are great! Very nice images. :)

Heidi said...

OK, photo 3 is PERFECT!!! You do an amazing job capturing connections between families... that's a true gift.