Monday, October 20, 2008

Beautiful Family | Indianapolis Children's Photography

What a fun session this was.... not only did this family's home have amazing interior light, but the backyard had a perfect prairie type backdrop. Thank you for sharing your life with me for a couple of hours!

1) How cute is her smile?
2) My favorite part of this picture, besides the dog sneaking through, is baby's hand on Daddy's chin. So sweet.
3) Of course baby toe kisses are the best. :)
4) Learning to sit up... 5) She has such beautiful eyes!!
6) Wheeee.... :)
7) Love how snuggly this is.

8) I'm a big fan of sillhouettes, and always jump on the chance to capture one if the lighting is right. Her little toes make me smile.Thanks again, guys! We'll be in touch.


--cherry. said...

LOVE the last two Joni!! what a great session!

Capturing the heart and soul of childhood said...

These are gorgeous. Beautiful family, beautiful settings, beautiful images!

BrittanyS said...

Ah! Look at those eyes!

Desiree Hayes said...

I love these! So precious. Daph has that dress too! :)