Thursday, October 16, 2008

A tiny dancer, an artist, and a miniature Taylor Swift | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

There were so many special images from this recent session, I had a hard time narrowing down to a manageable number here! :) Thank you for giving me a peek into your family life and your many talents! :)

1) Love the snuggly feel here. And aren't they all gorgeous?? wow.
2) Beautiful sisters!
3) Okay, now for the FUN!! I witnessed a family secret-telling game, a family kickball game, AND a mini-concert. Call me LUCKY! Here is one of my favorite "mom" images ever... I think she is rounding the bases here after a super kick of the ball. T, you truly light up the room and I've enjoyed working with you so much.

(and can I just add... I wish I looked that good when I run!! ha!:))
4) She is a girl with many talents... I'm sure I only saw a few of them. Love the ballet shoes and the "realness" of it. She didn't have to look at me and smile for it to be a striking image. Often those are my favorites anyway.
5) Then we headed outdoors to capture her lovely blonde hair twirling in that morning sunlight. I'm pretty sure she put on an entire recital for me. I loved it!!
6) And big sister here is equally as talented. She is an artist... and might I just say, after watching her, I have TOTALLY been drawing bunny rabbits the wrong way! :)
7) And she has amaaazing eyelashes... and we discussed how fantastically jealous some girls may be when she starts wearing mascara. (like me. )
8) Quite possibly one of my favorite moments that I've captured over the years. I felt really honored that she sang in front of me... and that Dad played the guitar. Both were amazing and I had chills. Thank you!! Someday when you are the next Taylor Swift.... :)
These are the type of sessions that I really love doing!! Thanks for reminding me of that, guys! :)


Stefanie Weber Photography said...

i love the natural feel of these. the family shot is sooo good!

Morgan Matters said...

YEAAAAA! SO FUN MEETING YOU TODAY¡ We must stay in touch!