Saturday, October 18, 2008

Connections | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

I've been really excited to share these with you. I loved this sweet little family, but to top it all off, not only did we have a beautiful fall day, but the emotional connections between family members were just so easy to capture! Thank you, guys, for adding me into your busy weekend schedule! :) It was a pleasure.

1)Nothing says autumn like playing in the leaves.
2) Little boys love their mommies, don't they? I love this feel.
3) Such a GOOD baby!!
4) Peek-a-boo ALWAYS works with this age! :)
5) There are plenty of images where you are all looking at the camera, but this is the one I really love.
6) Sigh....
7) My favorite type of lighting... hazy, soft, and a little backlighting. Perfect moment. :)
Thanks again! You made my job so easy. :)

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