Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 year old fun | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

Well, despite what lots of people say about 2 year olds in general, I actually quite enjoy them! They are funny, unpredictable, moody, needy, yet so independent all wrapped up into one little bundle of constant energy! This little one is no exception, and I just adore her. :) I spent last year photographing her nearly every 3 months, so you can imagine how excited I was to go back and spend some time with her. She has a big girl room, a big girl bed, a new baby sister AND it was her birthday. Can't go wrong there! :)

Anyway, here are some favorites:
1) Cute pjs are a MUST when you have such a cute room, don't you think?

2) She is such a good big sister...
3) And surprisingly cooperative during this part of the session. Mixing a 2 year old with a baby is not always pretty!! :)

4) I have this feeling about her.... I think she's going to be the LIFE of the party. So bubbly and funny.
5) And a little mischievous too!

6) And to top it all off, she is gorgeous.
7) Peekaboo!!

Thanks, guys! :)


Lisa Johnson said...

Wow, I love that BW one in the sheets. What an expression!! You captured it perfectly!

Duster72 said...

Great set, Joni!