Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby fever | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

Okay, I officially love babies. It really isn't a secret. Put it this way.... my husband is VERY happy that I get to spend one on one time with all of YOUR babies so WE don't have to have more! :)

Anyway, this perfect little peanut came a few weeks early, but wow, is she ever beautiful! And what a SOUND sleeper she was too. If you don't know this, a sleeping baby is a photographer's dream. And for the record, I think her daddy is going to be my new baby-whisperer assistant from now on. He had quite the touch. :)

I could NOT be happier for you guys to have your very own little girl. She is perfect.

1) Look at those teeny tiny toes!! 2) Love the color of her skin... so smooth.
3) Zzzzzzz....

4) More zzzz. :) THIS is why you schedule newborn sessions in the first 7 days. You have the rest of their life to get them wide awake!

5) Baby pouts are the best. Somehow pouting is NOT as cute when they are four!!

6) Seriously.... she is OUT.

7) What I love about images like this, is that there is such a close resemblance to what I would imagine a baby would look like in the womb.... all curled up, hands by her face.
8) Soooo snuggly.

9) Hey Momma, you finally have your own princess. :)

Thank you, thank you, and thank you AGAIN for a wonderful session.


Jenn Johnson said...


Lisa Johnson said...

As usual Joni, we have the exact same favorites I think. The baby pout, the one that resembles being in the womb, I just LOVE them!! You are an amazing photographer and I am so glad I found you from Andrea's blog. :)

Jeni said...

wow Joni, these are amazing! I just love the baby pout and the "womb" shot. Really terrific work!