Monday, May 4, 2009

Brent + Kristen = MARRIED!! | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

What was supposed to be a rainy Saturday afternoon in Indianapolis turned into a miraculously perfect day to get married, complete with sunshine and blue skies.  There are so many to share from this amazing day.  I will be adding a slideshow of my favorites by the end of the week, but until then.... enjoy.  :)  Thank you to all of you who had my back all day and especially to my assistant for the day.  Jake, you rocked. :)

1) Mr. G.Q. :)
2) Perfect weather. Perfect bride.
3) And really... I'm so not a car person, but I was SOOOOOO happy to see this beauty.  This has such a timeless feel to me.
4) Classic.
5)  And you can't have such a gorgeous car and NOT use it for the ring picture.
6)  They did not see each other before the ceremony... but had this little sneaky moment.... very carefully orchestrated so that they never actually looked at each other.  One of my favorites.  I think. :) 
7) Afterward.... a very very happy couple. :)
Thank you for looking!! Stay tuned for a slideshow you do not want to miss. :)


Shannon said...

Beautiful!!! Love that ring shot!

Lynne said...

Amazing shots, love the sneak shot between the door. Gorgeous ring shot, too!

monyeen said...

that second one is BEAUTIFUL

Andrea said...


STOP getting better and better!!!

I can't take it!!!!!!


Jen said...

LOVE the church door picture. Still makes me smile and tear up :) Can't WAIT for the slide show!!!

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

i want to be Joni Streit when I grow up!

the bride shot walking away - breathtaking!

Heidi said...

These are GREAT!!! 2,6,7... amazing!!