Thursday, May 7, 2009

{Thankful Thursday} | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

Wow.  It feels like this week has flown by already.  Let's keep this short today!

1) I am thankful for the one lovely plant at our house that I haven't killed.  Yet.  It makes me smile... but then a little sad because I think of what its destiny will be if it stays with me long enough. :)

2) I am thankful for chick flicks that make me laugh, and the even cooler chicks I see them with. :)

3) I am thankful for lots of external hard drives. (only nerds will understand this. hehe :))

4) I am thankful for my kids being healthy and happy.  

5) I am thankful (again) that we had such a beautiful sunny day for a wedding last week.  I **really** did not want to have to bust out my Mickey Mouse poncho for the wedding day!!

Have a great Thursday!

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