Thursday, May 28, 2009

{Thankful Thursday} | Indianapolis Children's Photographer

So a few weeks ago, we were waiting for the school bus to arrive and I looked at Carlie doing her little girl thing with her stuffed animal.  You know how little girls just get lost in their own world?? Yeah... that's what she was doing.  Spinning around, talking to her bunny, skipping, and just generally being sweet.  

Something about the way the morning sunlight wrapped around her so gently took my breath away and I realized that I am not sure I had ever seen her look more beautiful.  Call me sappy.... but since I have a sassy little girl 99% of the time and she tries my patience 100% of the time, moments like that where I remember how amazing she really is are PRICELESS!!  

So, as you can see.... I grabbed the camera and the sweetness lasted about 2 more minutes before I got the "MOM put the camera away!" look.  We all know about that, right???? :)  Anyway, here are a few from that morning.  

(to my photog friends, shot with the MAGICAL 50 mm 1.2, wide open I believe for all images).

1) So girly.  I like the lack of sharp focus here because I feel that 'fleetingness' of childhood in the haze. (yes, I am crazy. ha)
2) Love the splash of color behind her in the leaves.
3) And while the color was amazing that morning, I still am a black and white girl at heart.  The moodier the better!  I just like all the little nuances of light in the backlighting.
4) And THERE is the crazy girl I love.  I have no idea what she was doing.  But that's typical. She is a random child!!! :)

And this week, I am thankful.....
1) For good friends who make me laugh.

2) That my little brother is so amazingly talented on his guitar and played John Mayer for me for awhile on Sunday to cheer me up! Love you, bro!!  You are a rockstar.

3) For summer camp!!! ha! :)  We just sent one kiddo this week.... any guesses which one?? :)

4) For peaceful days with the calmer child!! Again, any guesses? :)

5) For a job that is more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

Have a great weekend!!