Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6 months old | Indianapolis Baby Photographer

I spent a morning last week with this little sweetheart and her momma capturing what a big girl she has grown into!  At 6 months, she is all about sitting up.... but she isn't so fast that she can crawl away.... score for me! :)  Thank you, ladies... for meeting me downtown! :)  It was so fun to see you again.

Here are some of my favorites...
1) Still smiling at the end of the session! I think that's a good sign.

2) Such pretty eyes,  looking up at her momma.
3)  Don't you just want to kiss her chubby cheeks?? I love them!
4) My faaaavorite. :)
5) I think she was checking out my little assistant for the day! (He is a cutie... but I am biased!)
6) Okay, maybe THIS is my favorite.  It is a toss up!
7) It is not fair how long her eyelashes are.  Not fair at all.
8) Her feet never stopped moving.  I loved it.  

9) Can't you just feel how happy she is?
Thanks again! Your gallery will be ready by the beginning of next week! 

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