Friday, June 5, 2009

Part 2... as promised | Indianapolis Lifestyle Photographer

Here are a few more of my favorites.  My heart lies in black and white images because they feel so timeless.  When I see a good black and white photograph, I FEEL something rather than SEE what the subject is wearing or the details in the surroundings.   Anyway.....

1) When Miss R got her bike out and started riding toward me, I felt that tiny bit of nostalgia creep in....  and then it turned to a "wow, I am SO LUCKY to have this job" feeling.  I have seen this child grow from the 2 month old baby into a 2 year old beauty with a sparkly personality.... and you know what? She even gives me hugs when I leave.  Yes.  I am one lucky girl.
2) I love daddy-daughter moments. 
3) Girl, you are stunning with a personality to match!
4)My favorite kind of family images...
5) Kind of an outtake, but can you believe how sweet that pout is??
6) Tippy-toes!!!  Love baby feet!!
7) I don't think that smile ever went away the whole time she was swinging.  Oh to be a kid again!
8) Happy babies are so much fun.
Thanks again, guys!

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Duster72 said...

One of your best sets in a while, Joni.