Wednesday, August 26, 2009

M + N Part 1 | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

So... my baby brother got married. A bittersweet day, for a lot of reasons, but I could not have been happier to capture the day from behind the camera. And bonus... I walked away with a beautiful sister that I adore. So, N, welcome to this crazy family! :)

1) Her dress was so so so beautiful! Every little detail about the day was planned and coordinated perfectly.
2) How fun is that!?
3) Last minute touch-ups.
4) You pull off black and white SO perfectly. And really... with the long eyelashes????
5) Love giggly brides :)
6) When my brides wear flip flops, I KNOW we will get along! :)
7) Can you believe how beautiful these four sisters are? I feel so happy that our families are now officially connected.
8) You ladies could not be cuter! Thanks for making my job SO easy.
More to come! :) Can't leave out the brother, right?

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Lisa Kryschuk said...

Joni, these are all fantastic! Beautifully done!!!!