Thursday, August 27, 2009

M + N Part 2 | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

So, my baby brother cleans up pretty well. :)
I was a wee bit proud of him. I can't believe he is old enough to be married, but then again, I can't believe I'm old enough to have an almost 9 year old. It all evens out. Anyway... love you, kiddo. So happy for you.

1) Really loved the tuxes and the flowers. Like I said... every detail was perfect.
2) So handsome.:)
3) So of all my groomsmen I've ever photographed, these two gave me the MOST trouble! haha. I am allowed to say that since they are my brothers, but seriously?? We are lucky to have this picture where they aren't grabbing each other or making faces. It was a great time. Love you guys.
4) Doesn't he look a little mischievous? I mean, for a grown up and all?
5) Like I said....
6) The fact that they are all 5 looking at me is nothing short of a miracle.
7) I'm a sucker for details. Loved these cute little tiffany-esque boxes containing chocolate. Ironically, so did my daughter. haha. I think she swiped several of them and stashed them in my purse.
8) And one more.... this was taken on a page in their guestbook where we used some of their lovely engagement photographs.

One more sneak peek to come! :)

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