Monday, October 12, 2009

Quandt Wedding Part 3 | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

In the final blog post about this wedding, I have to say one more time, that every detail was planned to a T.... and it was even more evident at the reception. Loved the little touches.... the "Q" that was carved into the pumpkins... the "Q" on the dance floor in lights... the "Q" on top of the cake... It was like a master class in branding. :) We loved it!!! Thank you again for a fun day!

1) Setting the tone for the reception.... warm and inviting.
2) My favorite part of the wedding day is when the maid of honor and best man give their toasts to congratulate the happy couple. I find the emotions and reactions to be the most genuine, AND I learn the most about my couples during those few moments. Not gonna lie... I typically get choked up. I LOVE my job.
3) Cheers!!
4) The crowd getting ready for the cake-cutting.... love proud mom in the middle! :)
5) Loved the cake! Every detail was beautiful.... and the couple was SO nice to each other. I was impressed. :)
6) First dance... I love the twirl in her dress.
7) It is of course important to focus on the couple during the day, but if I didn't watch for reactions from family and friends too, I would have missed this beautiful moment of the bride's mother looking on with pride as the father/daughter dance took place. When I saw this photograph, I thought of my own daughter someday ....... sigh.
8) And here is the moment she was looking at...
9) This makes me smile.
10) Of all the weddings I have photographed, I can honestly say this has never happened.... Bride throws up bouquet to "All the Single Ladies".... and bouquet disappears. There was a little ledge in the ceiling and the bouquet went in that tiny space perfectly. (at the top of the image you can see the space). So.... the "Single Ladies" got a do-over. :) And a good laugh out of it.
11) Love a little fisheye action on the dance floor between the bride and her maid of honor.
11) The "Q" on the dance floor I mentioned earlier...

12) And YOU KNOW I cannot resist the kiddos on the dance floor. I'm just going to throw this out there, but whoever taught this little guy his dance moves is a VERY good dancer. haha!!! :)
13) Isn't she lovely? She was so sweet.
Thanks again, guys!! Your galleries will be ready very soon!!

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