Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quandt Wedding Part 2 | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

When this lovely couple told me they scheduled enough time for pictures between the ceremony and the reception, I was so happy. We had time to go 2 different locations, besides the church. I think these are posting out of order, but you'll get the idea. Some of my favorites...

1) This is where they met.... It was so nice of the owners to let us come in and shoot there!!
2) Loved all the details about this day... even down to the branded and personalized aisle runner.
3) Had to use the giant 3 to mark their wedding anniversary. :)
4) The happy couple in front of the above-mentioned bar...
5) And at the Lilly House at the IMA....
6) Another wonderful part of the day was that they decided to see each other before the ceremony.... it took so much stress away from the day, and I highly recommend it!! This shot was simply right outside the church before the ceremony.
7) A lovely perspective by my assistant Kayla.
8) Some of the nicest bridesmaids I have had... you ladies cracked me up!! :)
9) With the always entertaining maid of honor. :)
10) And the ushers... don't ask. :)
One more set to come in the next few days! Thanks, B and T!

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