Friday, November 13, 2009

I love my job.... | Indianapolis Family Photographer

I was so happy to have another chance to spend time with one of my favorite families... even though those two adorable 2 year olds give me a run for my money every time! :) (and I do say that with all the love in the world!! :))

We had a beautiful day and the bonus of grandparents being there too.  So THANK YOU again for another chance to capture your amazing little family.   

1) I think 4 of the 5 looking at me isn't so bad....  keep looking... they get better. :)
2) Look at those smiles.... Especially G.... can you believe it?
3) Even though one of the 2 (you guess which one)  tried to convince me that she was FOUR... NOT TWO.. I still liked the 2.:)
4) I love when she relaxes and smiles!
5) Kind of different and fun...
6) You DO know they look like china dolls, right? So beautiful!
7) Maybe my favorite ever of these girls.... shows how crazy, busy, fun and chaotic they are all in one image...
8) Love these daddy moments...
9) Sigh.... SUCH amazing grandparents!
10)  I think we wore her out, but how precious...
11) All kinds of family tickling happening here....
12) One of my favorites ever of M!  Her personality cracks me up!
Thank you again!! :)  They will be ready soon!

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dsr said...

Love these.... especially the B&W!