Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two cute boys and a bunch of leaves... | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Thank you to the W family for inviting me to the best backyard-in-the-fall EVER to play for the morning last week.   :)  I am so glad you saved the leaves for me!!  I can't believe how much your little guy has grown since I have photographed him last time... and oh-my-goodness with that sweet sweet baby.   Thank you again for trusting me to capture your family as it is now.  (and thank you to the little guy for all the leaves in my hair. ha!! :))  Here are some of my favorites.... as always, in some crazy order. 

1) Snuggly family...
2) So happy to have all eyes looking at me... even though the leaves were sooo enticing to a certain little man!
3) Who wouldn't want to kick leaves like this??
4) Ahh... seriously? How sweet is he???
5) Love how A's cheek is resting against his head. 
6) All smiles for his momma!
7) Swing pictures will always be some of my favorites.  What kid does NOT smile mid-swing??
8) You do know this is going in my collection of hand pictures, right? :)
Thank you again. It was wonderful to catch up with you guys.  

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