Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love this baby... part 1 | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

It is no secret that I adore babies. Honestly I feel my business shifting to a focus on that area. But when it is the much anticipated arrival of my dearest friend's baby, the excitement is even more intense. I was so honored to be at the hospital with her and to capture some of the first pictures of this perfect little girl. And as amazing as that was, it didn't compare to later in the afternoon watching her big sister and brother meet her for the first time.... but that is part 2. :)

1) I can't believe you look so beautiful... even in a hospital bed. Her scrunched up "it's too bright" face makes me smile.
2) Tiny details. Literally.
3) Three generations... baby K, you have 2 amazing women to look up to!!
4) How little and how perfect.
5) Love smiling momma in the background.
6) Talking to Grandma for a bit... with teeny tiny peeks around
7) A very VERY proud dad. :)

8) And how your life has changed...
9) I love grandpas.... probably because mine was so amazing. This picture is sweet to me, maybe just because I was there. But Grandpa and Daddy were discussing what kind of cars "boys would be driving when it was time for her to date"... 30 years down the road, of course!
So many amazing moments to come and a couple of sessions you won't want to miss.


Kristy said...

are you kidding me with these pictures? my gosh-if they dont bring a tear to your eyes.... They are AMAZING!!Officially you are invited to the hospital when i have another bambino! you have got serious skills my friend! :)

jenn said...

i am totally crying right now!!!! Wow! How ny times can I say thank you for being there. not just that day....but the whole road!!! love you!

Andrea said...

Ode to this story:

"Going swinging in a wintery park with your BFF WILL induce labor"


I'm enjoying watching this photographic journey of Baby K ... from swinging to peeping!