Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love this baby...part 2 | Indianapolis Newborn Photographer

It is hard to know where to start in describing this day, so I will let the pictures tell most of the story. When you are a 7 year old boy and a 9 year old girl, introducing a new baby into your home and family is a life-altering moment. I loved watching their anticipation, their reactions, and in the end, their love expand to welcome Baby K into their arms and family. It was a beautiful life moment.... one that I am thankful that I was there for.

1) Waiting for the nurse to bring baby in....
2) Checking out Mom's IVs... with a bit of concern and a LOT of questions. :)
3) And the moment...
4) The oldest gets the first chance at holding baby...
5)... while the little one can hardly stand the wait!!! Love his face!
6) Sigh. I love that 2 seconds after this, he said, "my arms are tired. Someone take her!" :)
7) The new family of FIVE.
8) Seriously... can I keep her???
9) Tiny fingers...
10) And the debate.... does she have red or brown hair? (My vote is red. :))

11) Maybe this moment was too much... the little man need a rest on Grandpa's shoulder.
12) My faaaaavorite.
13) Yes. I love baby hands too.
14) I think they will all get along so nicely, don't you?
15) A very proud grandpa saying good bye to his girls.

16) If I have my way, this little guy will be my son-in-law some day. Like 30 years down the road. :) He is one of my favorite kiddos ever.
17) Love that full head of hair. (on baby. haha :))
18) My favorite thing to observe with new babies is that bond they have with their mommas. They JUST KNOW. One of those miracles of life that I never take for granted.

Thank you again, J family... for letting me be a part of your moments. Love to you all!!

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jenn said...

are you kidding me? speechless!!! I am so teary eyed right now. I don't know if it the hormones...the fact that she is already a week and a day old....the emotions of the pictures...or what. No matter what-your gift of capturing the real FEELINGS of the moment are amazingly perfect. Love you and all you did to make theis day even more memorable!!!!