Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If you are debating getting couple shots....look here.:)

Even if you have been married 5, 10, or even 50 years... make some time for YOU as a couple to have a session together... your relationship deserves to be honored and cherished... just as much as those precious pictures of your little ones. (off my soapbox now.:))

This is surely an emotional business. I mean, I get to peer into the personal moments of your lives. If I walked away from a job like that without feeling SOMETHING, what kind of an artist would I be? This couple is no exception. Their images from their session moved me to tears. Not only are they beautiful together, but they both have been through so much. Their happiness radiates in the way they look at each other and hold each other. You can expect to see much more from this session soon on my wedding website. I have the honor of documenting their wedding in just a little less than a month and I really can't wait. So guys, here you go. I could not be happier for you both. :)

1) I love the feel of this.... the colors, the lighting, but most importantly the "leaning in" toward each other. This is one that took my breath away.

2) AND not only are they beautiful, but they met over COFFEE!! (For those of you who do not know this, I do NOT function in the morning until I have had at least 2 cups of coffee... sometimes 3!:)) I just think if coffee exists in a relationship, then it can't go wrong. hehe And seriously, how perfect is that kiss?? mmm.

3) This little guy is so excited about the upcoming wedding... well, except for the icky kissing part! His exuberance really took over here. I didn't guide him in any way... he just grabbed them both around the neck and pulled their heads together. I just think it is perfection. THAT kind of love is what we live for, right?
4) So many things to wish for with the dandelions. I love his eye contact. I'm wishing for happier times for all of you and lots of laughter. And snuggling. Okay, and coffee!
5) Are his features not just absolutely gorgeous? I love the inquisitiveness in the way his hands are touching the rock. And his eyelashes..... ahhh. (okay, I'm SO not the mom who pairs up kids, but wow, what beautiful grandchildren I could have if a certain little girl would ever show an interest in this little guy!! hehe.)
6) A staple in this relationship is their strong faith in God. We really wanted to incorporate that into the session. He proposed to her in this spot over the "love chapter" in I Corinthians 13. It was only fitting that we do this shot.... and I love it!
7) There are not enough words to describe how this picture makes me feel. How happy do they look!!? She has gorgeous hair anyway, but I love the craziness of it here and his goofy expression. And it is just so.... THEM.:)
Thank you guys for the inspiration. I enjoyed every moment of our time together. (minus the frogs.:))

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