Monday, October 8, 2007


Thank you so much for your sweet and concerned emails about my crazy weekend! I survived and enjoyed myself very much!

Katie and John, I know you guys are so eager to see these so I will hold off on my weekend update to share these amazing images with you! It must be said.... I CAN'T WAIT to shoot your wedding... you guys have such sweet and inspiring chemistry. We will have an incredible time!:) Here are some of my favorites from our day together. A special thanks to Ali for the use of her gorgeous property as well as her suggestions on other locations! You are the best, girl!:)

These are in no particular order... I had such a hard time choosing!

1) This shot is not for everyone, but I love playing around with depth of field. To me, it represents more of a private moment than if I were right in your face. I feel like it is a peek into your world and I love that thought. And I love the color here... so warm and... well, "fallish" although it doesn't feel like fall around here!!

2) I think this actually made me sigh when I saw it the first time. Katie, you look so cute and cuddly perched up on the hay bale. I was experimenting with a different color treatment here. I kind of like it.:)
3) Does this really need words? Nope, didn't think so!:)
4) This is one heck of a tree and I really love the way you guys look so small in the "big picture" here. So cuddly in your uber cute matching sweatshirts. Again... so "fallish".:) I also like the way your heads are leaning together.
5) This is definitely a unique pose for me and I really love the intimate feel of it. The expression on your face, Katie, makes me wonder what you guys are whispering about. The black and white brought the focus more to the moment than the surroundings.

6) If you have followed my work at all, you will know that I am an absolute freak about hand shots. Baby hands, grandma hands, working hands, hands in love. My secret dream is to have a whole gallery somewhere with JUST hands. (I am a nerd, I know.) Anyway, I love the hint of you guys kissing (ewww) in the background. Again, the intimate feel is very appealing to me. I had a tough time deciding between color and black and white for this one. 7) Do you see the bokeh here, photog. friends??! I HEART that 85mm 1.8!!! I love everything about this shot. The smile on your face, Katie... the wind catching your hair... makes me wonder what you are giggling about!!:)
8) For the farm girl....:) I love this... the lighting... your gorgeous eyes. (BOTH of you! hehe) I just really think it says so much about who you are. And that's why I do what I do. :)

You will have lots more to choose from!!:)
Lots more updates in the next week or two. I have sooo many fun shots to share... (and not nearly enough time!!)


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

ryc: that's cuz we do things a little slower in oklahoma!

oh my goodness - i emailed you about this session, but forgot to comment here.
i LOVE these two little love birds! my favorite is the tall grass w/ them out of focus in the background. i can't do that to save my life - now officially & unofficially ROCK more than me. HA! (ok,we both knew that, but now everyone else does too!)

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

oh & i love #3 i think more than the grass one cause it's amazing!
i hope they order it HUGE for their future home together : ). it would look stunning behind a large sofa!