Friday, February 29, 2008

50 Toes And More.:)

Are you guys tired of me yet!??:) This session was very special... it was all about celebrating this little girl who has made her parents so very very happy. Her personality was so fun and fresh, but yet serene at the same time. Welcome to your forever home, sweet Aven. :)

1) Sigh. This needs no words.
2) And she is the ONLY girl in the midst of FOUR boys! Can you imagine what it will be like for her when she tries to go on a date!??
3) Think Momma loves having a girl?? Um.... I do!!
4) Yeah... I'm thinkin' she'll be 40 by the time they let her out of the house! I especially love how the boy to her left is looking up at her.
5) Sooooo out of here! This is SO typical. :)
6) I love baby toes. Really... how could you not?
7) Happy?
8) Those eyes say so much.
She truly is beautiful. Congratulations on your new princess!:)

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