Saturday, February 2, 2008

So this... is what I just overheard from my office upstairs.

Colston: Hey Carlie, don't you think you are just so lucky to have a big brother who is SO AWESOME at video games?

Carlie: (so not getting it) Yeah, I really like having a big brother to take care of me when I'm sad at Mommy.

NICE. Isn't that so typical of male to female communication? All he really wants is for her to tell him how great he is at video games (which, he is, of course, the master). But all she really wants to talk about is her feelings. Sound familiar?:)


ANYWAY. So, I kind of like this time of year.... there are a lot of exciting changes coming in the next few months. This is a more 'peaceful' time of year to make those changes, so keep an eye on the blog so you don't miss out on anything. ;)

ALSO... if you know someone who is getting married this year and is in need of a photographer... I would love to hear from you. I LOVE weddings. LOVE them. (can I say it just ONE more time!?:)) If you refer someone and they book with me, don't think I won't remember when YOUR next session rolls around.:) This year is already filling up in general so it is better to get things on the calendar now!

And lastly.... one picture.:) Just for giggles. I'm really loving some of the new trends that are out right now... texture being one of them. Enjoy. And let's see if anyone (??) remembers whose hands these belong to? :) ( I know you read on here, girl!:))

(click to view larger)

And because I would NOT be a true football fan if I didn't say this here and now.... GO GIANTS!!! Here's my prediction for the score. Patriots 31:Giants28. UGH. there. I said it. Anyone else tired of hearing about a certain unmentionable but still aggravatingly attractive (I'm just saying...) quarterback with the initials TB?? :) Sorry, Peyton.... You should SOOO be there.

And.... I'm done. :)

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Kim Puckett said...

I LOVE the website! Everytime I check on it, you have added yet another thing. It's gorgeous! I was talking to a teacher friend today and she should be giving you a call soon. She logged on to your website while on the phone with me and was super excited to get in touch with you. I hope you all are well.