Friday, July 18, 2008

Cooper's Sneak Peek

I had the chance to hang out with my SUPER COOL sister-in-law (trying to gain babysitting credits here, folks!) and her AWESOME boyfriend the other night to capture their new little member of the family.... Cooper.... the sweet little dog who invokes pure terror for my daughter. Who knew that such a cute little thing would be SO SCARY? :) Okay, maybe he's easily excited, but scary? Never. Thanks for a fun evening. I hope you love them! :)

1) Love how he's looking at me. I think immediately after this shot, they kissed, and he rolled his eyes, but whatever.

2) Cooper's "kissing" involves teeth. They are still working on that. :)
3) Nothing like a little fisheye fun. This is just entertaining to me and I love it.
4) Sigh. I love hand shots anyway, but we didn't want to leave Cooper out. Would you believe we hid a 'treat' in their hands. Guys, I'm NOT beyond staging every now and then. I'll admit it.
5) Love that soft evening light. In the summertime, shooting at 7:30pm is the only way to go!

6) I really love the expressions here. So fun. And real.
7) Yep. I love texture. And Cooper's happy tail. :)
7) Cooper needed a little break. AWAY. :)
8) No, Cooper, I can't resist you here. Who could?
Thanks, Cooper. I hope they gave you LOTS of treats. (and water). hehe. You earned it.


Angela said...

How fun! I love every single on e of these! The fisheye shot rocks by the way! ++

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

ditto the fisheye shot!
and this makes me want to go snag a couple at a park with their dog & have a session with them!!!

cooper looks like a spunky one - but i understand the terror of your little sassy princess with him... my girls used to be just like that before we got our own doggie to train them up right!

Stina474 said...

very cute shots! I love the playfulness of it all! I like your angles too :)