Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lovely Family | Indianapolis Family Photographer

Last week I had the chance to spend some time with some good friends capturing their little family. It has been way too long since I've seen these little guys.... they are SO grown up, and SO very sweet. Thank you, guys, for driving down to see me. There are a LOT of great expressions that we captured... it was hard to narrow down here! :)

1) I love the smiles here... and her stance.
2) Gotta love hazy light by a fountain!
3) My favorite part of this picture is that Miss L is looking over at her brother with that smile!
4) She is like a doll! So beautiful.
5) I just really don't feel like he should be in kindergarten yet!!!
6) Every mommy should have a moment like this captured.
7) A little girl in her little girl world.
8) What a cute little man!! :)
Thanks again, T and C!!! It was SO great to see you all.

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