Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Sisters | Indianapolis Lifestyle Photographer

I spend some time with this sweet family last week and had so much fun. I think I came away with a new little best friend too... can never go wrong there! Thank you for lots of hugs and smiles! :)

1) Loved the colors for this session. Typically I am more of a black and white photographer, but the day was beautiful, and I couldn't resist the color! What a lovely family...

2) Quite possibly one of the funniest 3 year olds I've yet to meet. She made me laugh so many times and honestly giggled for the entire session I think! Isn't her hair gorgeous!?
3) And her big sister has amazing eyes!! I love her sweet disposition and her patience with her little sister! They got along so well.
4) My favorite part of the day.... Yes, in the bottom right corner, if you look very closely, there is a worm in the picture. She found it while we were playing... declared it as her "new pet" and then proceeded to tell it to "Raise your head up and and smile for Miss Joni". I can honestly say I've never photographed a worm, but she was so sincere about it that it just made me happy. Oh to be a child!!
5) Sisters holding flowers together. Again loving the color today!
6) Swinging photographs are some of my favorite and most challenging to take. You have a split second to capture the shot and make it work. I was so happy to see this image come up with her hair so perfectly flying midair. And yes.... maybe it was a bit precarious for me to be lying on the ground under the swing but she promised to not kick me! :) (or the camera!)
7) They made each other giggle so many times... typically because the little one would be silly and as much as the older one would try, she couldn't help but laugh!!
8) Ahhh... there's the black and white I love. Don't you kind of wonder what little sister is thinking?? And Miss A, once again, your eyes are beautiful!!
9) This is probably one of my most requested lifestyle shots. Who doesn't love a peaceful scene between siblings reading?
10) And with that most requested shot... HAS to come this one. I can't resist little wiggly feet, but mostly because of the giggles that come when I tell them to 'make their toes happy for the camera'.
11) Sigh... I hope they are always close like this.
Thanks again, W family!! I will be in touch soon!

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