Tuesday, December 15, 2009

David and Maggie's Wedding Part 1 | indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Enjoy. ;)

Beautiful blue sky day. (and brrrrrr! :))
Loved your colors. Of course. :)
This was such a fun room. And such a heavy dress. That I had to hang up so very high.... eek! :)
- if you know me, you know why I love this next picture... a very sentimental moment that brought tears to my eyes.
-reading the letter my brother wrote to her.... he ALWAYS can make her laugh. I love him for that.
Meanwhile.... another meaningful moment in the guys' room....?? ha.
LOVED these girls.
It is HARD to be a bride! You guys have it EASY!
Watching her dad, brother, and nephew come in for their first peek at the beautiful bride...
I want to keep him. :)
And maybe him too. Such a great dad and I loved watching his interactions with her all day.
YEAH YOU DO, girl. :)
The light was stunning in this room... I couldn't resist a few.
M, I think you look amazing here.
They chose to NOT see each other beforehand, but had this sweet little moment...
... And this one.
Love you guys.... so happy you made it back from your WARM SUNNY honeymoon. :)


gmmalloy said...

Joni - these are AWESOME! You did a fantastic job!

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

WOW! i love these! i think my favorite is the hands @ on the door handle shot. so much meaning in that one little shot!

you're amazing girl!